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Yeah, you might have played pinball, but have you tried Spinball? Spinball is a digital twist on the classic arcade game. It was published by Tom Horn Gaming in 2019, and as you’d expect from a game on Slot Games, it gives you the chance to win a staggering amount of cash.

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.

Spinball Slot 

Spinball works in almost exactly the same way as the traditional arcade game, with each game, the objective is to get the ball to hit as many spots on the table as possible before it disappears off the table and it is game over. The harder to reach the spots are, the more you’ll win if your pinball ricochets off them. The game is setup to look as though you have a birds-eye view of an incredibly futuristic looking pinball machine. With the cosmos as a backdrop, there’s no disputing that Spinball is a stunning title. If you really want to make the most of your gaming experience with Spinball, you’ll want to turn up the volume and enjoy the entrancingly retro soundtrack which will make sure you’re transfixed as you ‘spin’. All of the functions are found underneath the pinball machine, by hitting ‘Spin’ you’ll start a game, but before you start playing, you’ll want to set your stake. The smallest stake that you’ll be able to make is $1, once you get comfortable with the gameplay, you can set your stake as high as $100 on all devices. Spinball comes with a low volatility and an average return to player rate of 96% which means that it isn’t all too hard to see a return on your gaming session and on average during longer spin sessions, the house only has a 4% advantage! The maximum win available is 1,440 coins, considering the volatility of this highly engaging title which gives slot spinners an alternative to a standard set of reels, it’s definitely worth checking out for innovation seekers.

Spinball Bonus Features

  Your standard pinball machine definitely can’t provide you with bonus perks, but that’s one of the main benefits to playing Spinball instead! As you bounce around the board and use the flippers to maximise your wins, you’ll have the chance to win free games – you definitely won’t be disappointed with the number of free spins on offer either!

Spinball Developer - Tom Horn Gaming

Tom Horn Gaming is a Malta-based game developer who has created over 80 video slot games, 10 card games and miscellaneous games such as Spinball. The award-winning developer released their first game in 2008, since then, they have been leading the way in terms of innovation. Within their collection of slot games, you’ll find their own original creations and licenced games, they were even trusted to create the official Monsters Inc video slot game, Monster Madness. If you’re on the hunt for more imaginative titles which pack a pioneering punch, Sherlock a Scandal in Bohemia, Frozen Queen, Panda’s Run and Don Juan’s Peppers won’t disappoint.