Emerald King

Emerald King slot

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Tucked into the rocky mountains is a lavish Kingdom full of gems as seen in Emerald King online slot by well-known developer Pragmatic Play, as there are numerous chances for incredible prizes on any spin of the reels. The Irish drawbridge lowers at Rose Slots New Zealand, so enter the main castle walls and be treated like royalty with so many award opportunities at hand.

*All values mentioned in relation to this game are subject to change at any time.

Emerald King Slot

The slot itself has an interesting mix of themes as, on one hand, there is definite medieval feeling as a green gem clad castle can be seen in the background nestled in snowy mountains yet there it seems to be set in Ireland with a 4 leaf clover icon on the upper left and a jolly ginger beard smiling King who has a 4 leaf clover clown and top hat. And this is further confirmed by an upbeat Irish jig flute and drum tune playing. The symbols are of a leprechaun King, fruit symbols (cherries and grapes), and a pot of gold. Whenever the pot of cold symbol lands on the reels, a golden coin will magically be sent to the title on top to collect a multiplier prize. The symbols are very generous, with the happy Leprechaun King awarding a large prize of x 25 your total stake. However, the pot of gold is the highest award with up to an amazing x 500 on your original bet whenever it creates a winning combination. Any symbol can also appear as a giant block in a 2 x 2 or a 3 x 3 grid to create even more win formations. The gameplay itself is super easy in that you can simply press down the space bar for a turbo spin or press the spin button again to stop the reels immediately for a quicker spin of the reels. There are 5 reels, 3 wager rows, a max of 20 payways of winning, a bet span from a min of 10c to a max of $100, and a completely formatted gameplay no matter the device or platform such as on tablet, desktop, and as a mobile slot. In addition to this is an estimated overall total Return to Player (or RTP) of approx. 96.51%. This classified Emerald King online as a partially higher Return to Player slot in that players on any given spin have a slight advantage at winning a top paying reward (even if it occurs less often), as a more frequently occurring set of smaller prizes.

Emerald King Bonus Features

There is as consolation special feature for any unsuccessful spin, as there is a win multiplier that rises by x 1 which can compensate for any losses by the time you land a winning spin. There is also a Mini slot Bonus Round that can be activated whereby you spin what looks like a classic slot machine with a pull arm and this can award you up to a x 20 multiplier on your initial wager for essentially 15 Free Spins. 

Emerald King Developer - Pragmatic Play

Emerald King online slot by well-known developer Pragmatic Play, as there are numerous chances for incredible prizes on any spin of the reels. With a top jackpot of a x 20,000 multiplier, you will want to ride your horse to Roseslots.nz where you enter the castle at Emerald King online slot for exciting prizes on offer.